Marcelleria, a must-try and heartwarming Italian restaurant

Marcelleria, a must-try and heartwarming Italian restaurant

There is a new kid on the block. Replacing Jordan Hall on fifth ave, the new Italian restaurant Macelleria sits on a street that is packed with restaurants. There is an appeal to this restaurant because it is new and exciting. Upon first glance, there is nothing much to the opening: just the name (Macelleria Italian Steakhouse) in gold letters. 

When I tried the food for the first time, I ordered take out. When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a friendly hostess. I handed her my twenty, got my change, and was out the door. Ordering takeout was a quick and easy experience– as it should be. 

The restaurant itself had a nice ambiance, consisting of many tables covered in bright white tablecloths and napkins. It was fairly obvious it was a more upscale, quality dining place. However, having been a Monday night, it was noticeably empty with only a few customers scattered about. Other than that, from my five minutes actually inside the restaurant, it is safe to say that the ambiance was much like a typical Italian restaurant. There wasn’t much character or uniqueness: just plain old nice.

Now, the food. It was delicious. I ordered the veggie penne pasta and the burrata which were both delightful in their own ways. The penne pasta was no exception. It was just pasta and vegetables (a delicious combination on its own) but the “sauce” made the dish. The combination of broccoli, pasta and cheese was the perfect trio: very simple yet bursting with flavor. 

I also ordered the burrata which was fresh and flavorful. The burrata was the perfect balance of soft on the inside and chewy on the outside. The combination of the quality cheese, tomatoes and balsamic was nothing short of delectable– the perfect comfort food.

Overall, this restaurant was a solid Italian restaurant that I would be happy to return to. In fact, I look forward to returning in person and trying a couple of different dishes: like the penne alla vodka, and truffle risotto. The final verdict is to definitely pay this restaurant a visit. It is worth the money and time.