Presumptive Pelham Supervisor McLaughlin attacks reasons given to vote for Democratic slate

Editor’s note: This final campaign statement was provided by Republican Town Councilman Dan McLaughlin, who is running unopposed for town supervisor and is on the Republican, Independent and Conservative ballot lines.

It is time to vote in the Town Elections.  I have heard (and seen on social media) some of the reasons voters have been urged to vote for our opposition candidates.

  • Diversify the Board? Village of Pelham does not have a diversified board and they seem to be a functioning board. So, this reason is not a good reason to vote for our opposition candidate!
  • Change the Voice of the Town? For the life of me I don’t understand this statement.  In the 13 years that I have been on the Board no one said our Voice needed to change. So, this reason is not a good reason to vote for our opposition candidates!
  • Change the Landscape of the Town? Again not sure what this means. If meant figuratively, it is merely a platitude.  If meant literally, the Town DOES NOT own much land except by the Town House and the Gazebo.  Do the Pelham Now candidates want to change this literal landscape?  I hope not. Where will we have our summer concerts, pumpkin festival, Memorial Day festivities and all our other wonderful Town activities? So, this reason is not a good reason to vote for our opposition candidates!
  • Doing right for our constituency? It seems some Pelham Now people think we do not fulfill the desires of the Town’s constituents.  Again not sure what this means.  We kept taxes close to a zero increase for 5 years in a row.  We have expanded our recreation programs every year.  We flawlessly manage the Courts for both the Village of Pelham and the Village of Pelham Manor. We are consistently complimented on our assessor office work as well as our Tax collection work.  We manage the Pelham Library within tax payer’s ability.  We have received over 1 Million dollars in grants to; put a new roof on the library; fix various other maintenance items at the library; a new generator for the Town House so it can be used in an emergency; refurbished the court house to bring it up to modern standards; installing in the near future an elevator at Town Hall and many other projects which was paid for by Grants and no need to raise taxes on the Town Residents.  So, this reason is not a good reason to vote for our opposition candidates

That being said the Reason to Vote for Team Pelham:

  • Extremely Knowledgeable about the Town needs.
  • Proven Results. Not just talk.  “Seen it and done it”
  • Long term residents of the Town. Almost every candidate has over 30 years and more of Town residency.  They know the Town and its residents very well.
  • Each candidate has a professional background and understands what the residents desire (all residents not just members of one party or the other).
  • Experience working on boards and the courts.
  • Desire to serve and proven success in serving.

The above reasons are why you vote for someone. Our Town election should not be based on what party you belong to or not.  Nor should it be based on change for the sake of change without regard to qualifications, experience, and decisions based on who is best suited for the particular position.  Rather, it should be based on who has the right qualifications and a demonstrated ability to apply those qualifications for the benefit of the Town, its taxpayers, and residents.  In my heart and mind the Team Pelham candidates have all the “Right Stuff” for the Town of Pelham to continue to be a place you would want to raise your children!



Judge John DeChiaro for Town Justice

And Elect

Dan McLaughlin for Town Supervisor

Michelle (Perillo) Marcellino for Town Council

Antionette Clemente for Town Clerk