New nonprofit Amplify Pelham Science Research seeks to boost research program at PMHS

Amplify Pelham Science Research introduced itself last Thursday as a new nonprofit set up to support the science research program at Pelham Memorial High School.

Science research is a four-year elective program offered at PMHS with the goal of students obtaining internships in their field of interest and using their work to compete in science competitions on the local level, working up to the state and national level in some cases.

During an Amplify event for students in science research, Steven Beltecas, a PMHS teacher and head of the program, described the community around science research and how the program functions. Following him, members of the Amplify board came forward to talk about the goals of the new organization and why they joined the board.

The goals include speaking to parents in science fields to help in the process of finding mentors and speakers.

“Helping out with mentorships and internships is what we’re working for,” said Amplify board member Kathleen Mackool.

In addition, board members spoke about upcoming events for the research program. For students in the spring, there will be a Meet the Experts panel with community scientists, researchers and doctors. The group will work on resumes and perform mock-interviews with students. Amplify is planning a parents’ panel in April to discuss what to expect over the summer and help facilitating internships for students.

Amplify Pelham Science Research is a 501(c)3, a nonprofit in the State of New York. Board member Julie Fair said fundraising efforts could include an event in the spring.

Dr. Robert Min said he joined the board of the new organizations because “my daughters have had a great experience in the program, but also because I have served as a mentor for students here, but if you don’t have an ‘in,’ it can be really difficult to get into a lab. So our goal is to create a list of mentors, people who can help.”

Editor’s note: Assistant Managing Editor Margot Phillips is a participant in the science research program.