Refugee family from Afghanistan to arrive in Westchester this month

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by Hearts & Homes for Refugees.

A refugee family from Afghanistan will arrive to Westchester County this month, and Hearts & Homes for Refugees is partnering with the Interfaith Council of New Americans – Westchester (ICNAW) as their community sponsors!

2019 was a very busy year for Hearts & Homes, packed with activities to provide support to refugees, educate others in our community on the issue, and advocate for our new neighbors. (Read on for more details about 2019!) But sponsoring newly arrived refugees continues to be a top goal, and is part of our vision for 2020. It is exciting to start the year with this ray of light.

Partnering with ICNAW aligns with the goal of the Westchester Refugee Initiative (WRI) network to strengthen our efforts by working collaboratively. ICNAW has been the community sponsor for two other refugee families resettled with HIAS. In fact, the father in this family is the brother of the father in one of those families. The brother and his family are now living independently in White Plains.

Attesting to the strength and vision of the WRI, this partnership reminds us all that we don’t have to go at anything alone. Together we can bring hope and opportunity to refugees.

Funding is urgently needed! Monetary donations will enable this family to start their life here with the basic necessities—housing in particular, as well as food, medical needs, clothing/household goods, transportation, and education assistance.

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