Pinewood Derby: Pelham Girl Scouts just wanna race cars

“Ready, Set, GO!” screamed the Pelham Girl Scouts assembled, who hosted their Third Annual Pinewood Derby on Feb. 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The derby, long a staple of Cub Scouts, was started by a mother and daughter duo Tonilynn and Alyssalynn Catalanotto. The scouts received their blocks of wood in early January and worked to make the race car of their dreams. This year, the Girl Scouts were lucky to share a track with the Siwanoy Cup Scouts.

“We went computerized this year, which allowed the race to go faster,” said Tonilynn Catalanotto. “Thank you to Mr. Trabue and his sons Bates and Harrison.”

Along with racing cars, the girls made cards thanking soldiers and veterans for their service. They also collected canned goods, boxed pasta and rice for County Harvest.

“All proceeds are donated to Pelham Girl Scouts to pay for community activity patches and community camping for all of Pelham Girl Scouts,” said Tonilynn. “Knowing that what we do as Girl Scouts makes a big difference in not only themselves but in all they do” for their community.