Westchester Jewish Center hosts panel on immigration and refugee crisis on March 1

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Westchester Jewish Center.

In observance of Community Day, Westchester Jewish Center’s World Jewry Committee and SOJAC are coming together to present an opportunity to introduce the shul community to the immigration and refugee crisis occurring around us here in Larchmont, and across the country on Sunday, March 1 at 10:30 am.

The panel will include:

Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz; Janna Diamond, Grassroots Campaigns Officer, HIAS, a Jewish organization supporting immigrants: on the history of immigration in the U.S. and the role of the Holocaust in current policy; Marti Michael, volunteer: on working with Arizona Jews for Justice at the border, her work with the Overground Railroad in Columbus Ohio, resupplying travelers and helping them navigate the bus system, and most recently her work in Matamoros, Mexico cooking and serving dinner, helping with the sidewalk school, and supplying the 1,000+ asylum seekers stuck in Mexico due to the new MPP policy; Stephanie L.  Ramos and Janet Rolon from Community Resource Center in Mamaroneck, a 501 (c)(3) community-based organization founded in 1998 to promote the cultural, economic, educational and professional integration of immigrants to the already established larger community and to advocate for those in need. They aim to provide the tools to prepare new immigrant families to become self-sufficient and active members of the community. In addition, a newly arrived immigrant will tell their story.

Please bring a winter scarf to help immigrants living in our area.  The program will continue with Community Day at 12 pm where we will be making a pasta meal, sandwiches, preparing soup in a jar and baking and decorating cookies for Hope Community Services of New Rochelle.

We welcome members of all ages to help our Neighbors in Need!

Westchester Jewish Center is located on the corner of Rockland and Palmer Avenues.