Your weekly top 10 or so list: Quarantine to-do’s


Officially a global pandemic, the coronavirus has spread in Westchester aggressively, putting our neighboring communities on the national news and invoking fear in many Pelhamites about what’s to come. As of March 16th, the CDC has recommended the cancellation of all social gatherings with over 50 people. Nationally, it has been encouraged for individuals everywhere to practice social distancing and to self-quarantine in the effort to “flatten the curve.” College students are flocking back to their parents’ house, joining their siblings and parents in the effort of decreasing the threat of this unprecedented global pandemic. So, what to do?

According to public health officials, the CDC and countless other government officials, being home is the best thing to do right now. To maximize the time at home, get creative with these top 10 quarantine activities: 

  1. All that friendship bracelet string from past summers not put to use? Use it now. Go on YouTube and find as many tutorials as possible, keep making bracelets, and when it’s safe to be with your friends again, exchange! These bracelets are symbolic of the time you all spent apart, on the front line of defense against the pandemic spread of coronavirus.
  2. Take out all those family games that you haven’t touched in years: jenga, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and just sit around and play. First, maintain a three feet distance from one another and clean down all surfaces, then become a master of every game possible. Those games have probably been sitting on the shelves in your house for years, you might as well play them now.
  3. There’s a wealth of content on Netflix. You might as well maximize this time and watch the shows, specials, and movies you haven’t gotten around to yet. For specials, I recommend John Mulaney’s “New in Town,” and Hasan Minahh’s “Homecoming King.” Minhaj’s “Patriot Act” is also a really great show if you’re up for learning about something new while being entertained. For shows: “New Girl” is a good one, but everyone has their favorite 30 minute sitcom perfect for binging right now.
  4. Watching TV can only keep you entertained for so long, so what to do when the television boredom hits? Take your favorite set of TV characters and brainstorm what they would do right now. For example: what would the cast of “How I Met Your Mother” react to DeBlasio shutting down every bar in NY? What would the cast of “Friends” do if their favorite coffee shop closed? Think about it, then write the script!
  5. Read a book! Read two! And, most importantly, don’t use this as an excuse to go out and buy a new book, pick something from your house and read it. I promise you, there’s at least one good read on your shelves somewhere.
  6. If there are bananas rotting in your house, put them to use! Wash your hands thoroughly, wear gloves and make banana bread. There’s a lot of good recipes out there, but the best include chocolate chips. If there’s one thing that is certain in this time of uncertainty, the smell of banana bread can make anyone smile. If baking isn’t your thing: cook! Soups are perfect during this strange period of almost-spring weather, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling accomplished with a home-cooked pizza bagel.
  7. The New York Times reported that going to museums might actually help you live longer. For obvious reasons, however, going to a museum is exactly what you shouldn’t do right now. Don’t fret – a lot of museums have transitioned to online platforms to encourage people to explore their exhibits virtually. Visit Google’s artsandculture platform to explore a variety of museums from the National Gallery of Art to the MoMA.
  8. New York State’s presidential primary is coming up, so there’s no better time to take the 2020 Political Quiz and find out who you should vote for. Read up on candidates and understand the policies that will be most important in the coming election. Why not be politically informed in this time of uncertainty? Politics will be the same even after this pandemic passes, and being informed will always be important.
  9. Take some time and curate a few playlists. Maybe an end of the world one? On Spotify and Apple Music you can change album covers by uploading your own photos. Making personalized playlists with your own pictures is a really fun way to flex your creative muscle and create a one of a kind quarantine gift for yourself!

We are living in an unprecedented time. It’s devastating for a lot of people, and almost everyone’s lives have been put on hold or altered in a way that one would have never imagined. But panicking won’t do anything. One final quarantine activity? Journal your experience! Every day, write updates about just how bizarre and extraordinary our lives are right now. Who knows, in 20 years it could be a primary source.