Live on YouTube: Science research event Thursday night featuring PMHS and Mamaroneck students

Editor’s note: This announcement was provided by the Pelham Union Free School District.

Tonight at 7 pm the community is invited to view a Science Research virtual event featuring students from PMHS and Mamaroneck High School.

The virtual exposition and showcase will feature five students from each school presenting their work.

Each student will give a 5-minute Powerpoint presentation highlighting all of their hard work over the past few years.  Both schools’ teams are very excited for this opportunity to show for us all, the product of several hundred hours of hard work.

Please join us on Youtube live beginning at around 7pm.

The Presentations are as follows:

  • “Freshwater River Eutrophication: A Profile of Nutrient Loading Along the Upper Hutchinson River,” Pelham Memorial High School – Bernadette Russo
  • “Examining the Role of CD8+ T cells, CD4+ T cells, and NK cells in Atherosclerosis Development,” Mamaroneck High School – Samantha Schade
  • “Registration Accuracy of Augmented Reality for Neurosurgical Navigation,” Pelham Memorial High School – Olivia Min
  • “A Validated Study of Procrastination: Outlining Needs for the Interventions of the Future,” Pelham Memorial High School – Matyas Spunberg
  • “Two Novel Approaches to Optimize a Src Kinase Biosensor Using Fluorescent Protein Insertions,” Mamaroneck High School – Ravi Bhalla
  • “HIV-1 gp41-3S-Induced Surface NKp44L Expression as a Novel Target for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy,” Mamaroneck High School – Liana Haigis
  • “Using Annotations & Machine Learning as a Novel Approach for Extracting Medical Information from Imaging,” Pelham Memorial High School – Catherine Taubner
  • “The Impact of Maternal Anxiety on Infant Reaction to Stress During Early Development,” Mamaroneck High School – Caitlin Rogoff
  • “An analysis of the Contact Angle of Ionized Fuel Droplets on Porous Emitter Substrates in the Context of an Electric Propulsion System for CubeSats,” Mamaroneck High School – Oliver Rayner
  • “Syntaxin 4 as a Novel Regulator of Brown Adipose Tissue: a Potential Target to Combat Obesity in Aging,” Pelham Memorial High School – Peter Wei