SOOP Theatre Company goes virtual with summer workshops

SOOP Theater Company is going all virtual this summer with workshops on acting and vocals and auditioning technique.

Sheri Sanders will be teaching the acting and vocal intensive workshop, which will run from July 27 to August 3. Sanders has taught in New York City, across the country and internationally for twenty years and has led classes virtually for four years.

She said her classes are engaging because she asks students to give feedback on their peers’ performances. She also provides students with guided questions that help them discuss their performances and give positive feedback. She further provides feedback in the chat section in the virtual classroom. Her class will discuss topics such as popular music and how it is represented on Broadway. Students are taught how to submit tapes of their performances and how to record themselves to show an engaging presentation on social media.

Matthew Corozine will join Sanders in teaching the acting and vocal intensive class. He has been instructing actors in the city for the past twenty years. He will keep kids engaged by encouraging them to listen to their classmates while they are presenting and setting the Zoom call to gallery view. He will also teach students how to prepare a monologue for an audition.

SOOP will offer one-day workshops in auditioning on August 4 and August 6.