‘Insurgent’ good read for fans of dystopian novels but not up to mark of ‘Divergent’

“Insurgent” is the cutting-edge sequel to “Divergent.” If you have not read “Divergent,” don’t continue for this may contain spoilers. After reading the first book, one knows the following about the different factions in this dystopian future: Erudite values intelligence, Amity values kindness, Abnegation values selflessness, Candor values honesty and Dauntless values bravery.

“Insurgent” begins with the aftermath of Will’s death affecting the main character, Beatrice. She feels overwhelmed and defeated that in self-defense she had to kill her friend Will. After she became a member of Dauntless, an Erudite soldier injected the Dauntless factions members, including Will, with a serum that took over the minds of the Dauntless and made them destroy the members of Abnegation. Luckily, the serum had no effects on Beatrice because she is Divergent, which means her mind can resist serums.

Thereafter, Beatrice seeks refuge at the Amity compound along with her old instructor Four and her brother Caleb. In Amity, the faction members value kindness and agriculture. However, the peace doesn’t last very long as Erudite members force Beatrice and Four to leave the compound. The only place left for them to go is Candor, where Beatrice’s best friend Christina is. She is dreading the day when she will have to tell Christina that she killed Will, as Will was Christina’s first love. Will Christina forgive her? Or, will Beatrice and Christina’s friendship be damaged beyond repair?

“Insurgent” is about how one can’t judge someone based on their past. It also teaches about honesty and how one should always tell friends the truth because otherwise lies will haunt them. Overall, “Divergent” is a better book with a clearer plot line than “Insurgent,” but “Insurgent” is still a must read for tweens and teens who love a good dystopian novel.