Amending Village of Pelham code to let businesses expand outdoors gets Tuesday public hearing


The Village of Pelham Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on an amendment to the village code that would establish guidelines for “the creation and expansion of outdoor business areas for use by food service establishments, personal care establishments, recreational establishments and retail establishments during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Commercial establishments have been severely impacted due to Covid-19. The board is proposing a new section of the code, titled “Emergency Regulations for Outdoor Business Areas for Food Service Establishments, Personal Care Establishments, Recreational Establishments and Retail Establishments,” as a way for businesses to function while still adhering to health and safety regulations.

Businesses may seek to expand their business outdoors by applying for a permit in compliance with the new regulations in the chapter. A proposal must detail the proposed layout of the designated outdoor space, including “any proposed awnings, tents, pergolas, the existent building, points of ingress and egress, proposed location of all tables, chairs, umbrellas, barriers, displays, service stations, registers and any other equipment, furnishing or structure to be installed in the outdoor business area.” These details must be approved by the Pelham building inspector, according to the draft.

The new permits will run for three months and can be renewed on expiration. The permit may also be modified upon further approval from the building inspector, said the code amendment, including alterations such as “modifying the location of any structure or furnishing, the size of the permitted outdoor business area or permitted capacity of the outdoor business area.”

Community members may tune into the hearing during the board of trustees meeting by clicking here or by calling 872-240-3212.

Comments and questions for the board can be submitted via email at [email protected]