Habitat for Humanity NYC to expand to Westchester County


New York City’s branch of Habitat for Humanity announced an expansion into Westchester County in their efforts to create and preserve living spaces on Oct. 28.

Habitat for Humanity New York City is a nonprofit created to ensure everyone has a suitable place to call home.  After nearly three years since an affiliate from Westchester County has been on the Habitat board, the organization will expand its reach to Westchester.  This extension will mark the first time in it’s 40-year history the New York branch has expanded past the five boroughs.   

The announcement was made by Karen Haycox, CEO of Habitat for Humanity New York City.  Steps toward managing Westchester’s growing housing crisis will begin in early 2021. 

“Listening is our first plan,” said Haycox. “We need to understand the landscape first, the other organizations engaged in this work, and the communities and their individual needs.  Then, of course, we need to ask questions, try to understand how we can bring our resources and experiences to the table to complement what is already happening.”

Those involved are currently connecting with residents and stakeholders while examining 2019 housing needs assessments.  A Westchester ReStore location is also in the works, as the closest one is currently in Queens.  ReStores are sites to donate old goods so they can be sold at a cheaper price.  The money made goes to helping the foundations cause and reducing waste.

As for Pelham, the “expansion means Habitat for Humanity is ready to partner with residents of Pelham in the effort to ensure hard-working, low income New Yorkers continue to be able to own a piece of the communities in which they’ve grown up,” said Haycox. “It means we are interested in hearing from you and identifying the best way for you and your neighbors to help build our capacity and impact in your village and the surrounding area.”

Westchester volunteers will be a necessity in the coming months.  Helpers will be needed to advocate for the new system and policies, host fundraisers, and work on construction projects.  To reach out with questions or ideas, email [email protected]