First Wartburg employee gets Covid-19 shot; all residents, some staff to follow

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by Wartburt.

MOUNT VERNON (Jan 18, 2020) – In the Fight Against COVID-19, Wartburg has Reached a Significant Milestone – its First Resident and Employee Vaccination.  Ms. Icy Bryan, one of Wartburg’s skilled nursing facility residents received the organization’s first vaccination.  Ms. Lavern Goldson-Barnes, a Licensed Practical Nurse and union delegate, was Wartburg’s first employee to be vaccinated.  The initial shipment of vaccines were offered to all nursing home residents and one third of the nursing home staff following New York’s priority orders.

Ms. Bryan, a resident of Waltemade Care Center.  92, she has lived at Wartburg for since June of 2019.

Wartburg President Dr. David J. Gentner, stated “The organization has been given enough vaccine for all nursing home residents and one third of nursing home staff following the distribution priority of our federal and state public health authorities.”  The COVID-19 vaccine is available at no cost and it is not mandatory for anyone, although public health officials believe it is healthcare workers best defense against the deadly virus.

“For the first time in nine months it feels like our lives matter, and the work we do matters.  We are ending a terrible year with renewed certainty that the angels are with us,” said Gentner.

“I’m excited to be the first employee to get it and I hope my coworkers will follow suit,” said Ms. Lavern Goldson-Barnes who is an employee of the Waltemade Care Center on Wartburg’s campus.  “We need to do this for ourselves, for our residents and for our families,” said Ms. Goldson-Barnes.

“Not only is this an historic day, but also an emotional day as well,” said Gentner.  “These front-line heroes have been putting their health and their lives on the line every day to provide care to those in our community who are frail and compromised,” added Gentner.  “For this, we owe them our deepest gratitude and admiration.”