Candidate statement from Manor GOP Trustee DeLillo: ‘Professional background… is really the most valuable asset I bring to village board’

Editor’s note: This statement was submitted by Pelham Manor Republican Trustee Angela Michelle DeLillo, who is running for reelection on the Republican and Neighborhood party lines. Click for the Neighborhood Party’s Facebook page.

Angela Michelle DeLillo

If you don’t know me, I’m Angela Michelle DeLillo. But all my friends call me Michelle. I hope you will, too. As the current Deputy Mayor of the Village of Pelham Manor, I’m so proud to have broken two significant gender barriers: first-ever female Deputy Mayor, and first-ever female Mayor & Deputy Mayor leadership team.  What an important achievement for my (then) teenage son and daughter and all community youth to witness.

When I was first elected in 2016, you put your trust in me based on my years of leadership service here in Pelham (first starting when I moved back with my young kids almost 20 years ago).  I contributed to our excellent schools’ elected positions on Site-Based Council for both Prospect Hill and Pelham Memorial HS and I also served on the Board of Directors of the Pelham Education Foundation. These leadership roles are where I really learned the dynamics of a Board and how to establish and meet the vision/mission of a community-based organization. From budgeting, fundraising and financial stewardship to the grant selection/spending process I always thoughtfully listened to and balanced the competing needs within our school district.  Then, like now, it was very important to me that all voices were heard.

I believe my professional background, though, is really the most valuable asset I bring to the Village Board. As a licensed civil and environmental engineer currently serving as an Assistant Commissioner for the largest U.S. water/wastewater utility, I know what it means to get the job done every day for half the population of NY State.  While Pelham Manor’s scale is considerably smaller, the skills needed to keep our 5,500+ village neighborhood humming smoothly are surprisingly similar. I make it my personal mission to bring accelerated modernization to our environmental and infrastructure programs, ensuring we stay on the leading edge of change – but not the bleeding edge of ideas. For example, our organic recycling facility is managed through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) at almost $0 impact while our neighbors have access to all the free compost they’d like for their yard with free delivery (just call Village Hall and ask!). I’m proud to say the entire operation runs through the framework of a circular economy. As a Board, we always seriously consider and monitor emerging opportunities to modernize. This way, we can leverage viable opportunities at the perfect nexus of cost and value.  Throughout this process, I always look through a lens of common sense and lean on my expertise so that I make the best decisions for my neighbors. For example, I am proud of the new Food Waste Management Program we’re launching via a shared services, inter-municipal agreement, which I negotiated.

I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of our prudent investments in Village infrastructure. We’ve delivered more than 19 miles of street paving in the last five years, ADA sidewalk ramp upgrades, 100% LED street light conversions (saving money and power!), a comprehensive and robust waste management program and nearly two miles of sewer pipe rehabilitation and improvements. Importantly, all this work was performed within our annual budget (no debt incurred) and NYS Tax Cap compliance. This is one of the reasons our NYS Comptroller fiscal stress test results have remained impressive (5 out of 100 – lower is better!) and have continued to improve even through these challenging times.

I humbly ask you again for your vote on March 16. I believe the numbers and our quality of services show that I’ve worked hard for you, my neighbor, to get the job done not just with passion and desire but with my real-life professional and Village experience.  I also know that teamwork is important and I have been fortunate to serve with Jennifer, an attorney, and Joe, an electrical contractor. We work as a team, and I respectfully request that you consider casting your vote for all of us so that we can continue working for our neighbors together.

Yours sincerely in service,