Centennial Memories: From softball and volleyball to being a cheerleader and starting ski team

Margie McCartney and MaryJo Doherty were cheerleaders at football games each Saturday in the fall.

So many awesome memories from PMHS. It was all wonderful. We were so lucky to grow up in such a special place! From great friendships since Kindergarten to making new friends when the four elementary schools came together in junior high. From playing softball and volleyball to being a cheerleader and also starting the ski team… The adventures never ended. So proud to grow up in Pelham!

—Margie McCartney (Class of 1979)

Chicago, Illinois


‘Our life together began at PMHS, and I thank God for that study hall’

Bob and Betsy Spath.

I met my husband of 53 years in study hall at PMHS in my junior year. Bob had returned to Pelham after a few years in Switzerland. We’d never met. We found ourselves exchanging notes in study hall due to a crush I had on another boy. He knew him. I also remember going to Parkway Field to watch the runners on the track with my friend, Sally Daigh. I saw him again. Great legs. In the Memorial Day parade, he was carrying the American flag with the Boy Scouts. I knew he was the one. Our life together began at PMHS, and I thank God for that study hall. Fifty-three years later, we’re still writing notes.

Pelham was my home since my birth. I will always be grateful for the village life so close to New York City. Perfection. Loved being in the Sock ‘n’ Buskin shows, singing the Hallelujah Chorus every Christmas and performing folk songs of the 60’s in talent shows and cocktail parties with Michael Card.

Pelham Memorial High School was an extraordinary school with the best teachers. I think it was on par with private schools. Even though I was not an accomplished student, I thank them for never giving up on me.

—Betsy Yoerg Spath (Class of 1965)

Midlothian, Virginia