Power Ranked: Pelham Examiner named to weekly media hot list


The Poynter Power Rankings on the organization’s website.

The Pelham Examiner was named to the Poynter Power Rankings this week by the Poynter Report, a daily newsletter that covers the media business.

The list ranks those “people, places and things that had a big impact on the media.” The Poynter Report, which is closely followed in the news industry, is produced by Tom Jones, senior media writer for Poynter.org and a 30-year newspaper veteran.

The Examiner made the rankings following an article Wednesday by the Freedom Forum’s Karen Hansen on the Examiner, which Jones cited in his write-up for the list. “Check out Hansen’s story and especially be sure to check out the Pelham Examiner’s website,” he wrote. “And my Poynter colleague, Kristen Hare, wrote about the Examiner and its coverage of the coronavirus. This is good stuff!”

Among the others on the list this week were Covid-19 experts, Candace Buckner, CNN, Virgil Abloh and the Tampa Bay Times.

CBS News executive Rich Huff recommended the Pelham Examiner to Jones for inclusion in the rankings.