Pelhamite Lisa Hill-Ries takes her pie-making skills on to ‘The Good Dish’


“The Good Dish” hosts Daphne Oz, Gail Simmons and Jamika Pessoa.

Pelham resident Lisa Hill-Ries, who runs the online bakery Chestnut Baked Goods, was featured March 7 as part of the pie day segment on the culinary show “The Good Dish.” Guests were invited to compete to make the best pies using special ingredients.

“It was such a whirlwind,” Hill-Ries said. “Just being in the studio with all the excitement. I started off this year by telling myself 2022 was going to be great, and this experience is one of the great things.”

Hill-Ries has been baking for her entire life but only started selling her baked goods a few years ago.

“I baked a lot with my grandmother and mother as a kid,” she said. “I really love making people happy with what I make. Just knowing that someone is going to eat this and be really happy.”

She sells her signature raspberry bars, bourbon caramel brownies, custom cakes and and other items from the website.

Although Hill-Ries has been baking for her whole life, she hasn’t always been selling her treats. Her business first started in Brooklyn.

“I was living in Brooklyn, and it was becoming known as an area of food,” Hill-Ries said. “I was inspired by everyone and wanted to be a part of the culture. When I moved to Pelham, I stopped selling my baked goods. It was only when my friends found out I used to sell my baked goods and convinced me to start selling them again.”

Hill-Ries’s baking business has ebbed and flowed over the years but being on the show was one of the highlights of her culinary career. Although she lost, she said the appearance was a wonderful experience.

Hill-Ries is also a trustee on the Village of Pelham board.