Foto Feature: PMHS Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s stars shine bright in first live musical since 2019

Seniors Malia McLellan and Oliver Tam.

This past weekend, PMHS Sock ‘n’ Buskin staged “Bright Star,” its first in-person musical since 2019.

Written and composed by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, this musical is full of love, redemption and lots of southern charm. Set in North Carolina in 1945-1946 with flashbacks to 22 years earlier, the show tells the story of Alice (played by Malia McLellan) as she lives with love and sorrow and finds herself again after heartbreak.

“I think it’s a wonderful story to tell about hope and redemption,” said Tom Beck, who directed the production with Neil Schleifer. “My favorite part is working with the actors on developing their characters.”

This year’s cast included 12 graduating seniors: Malia McLellan, Austin Kelly, Andrew Kelly, Caitlin Winston, Ava Pedorella, Zach Altschiller, Oliver Tam, Katie Scott, Samantha Min, Ethan Luce, Natalie Pursel and Aidan Zusin. Many of the seniors have been participating in productions since middle school, but unfortunately missed out on two years of high school opportunities due to the pandemic.

“It feels so liberating to be on stage after Covid,” said McLellan. “Having a live audience was a breath of fresh air. I really have missed the energy and reactions that the audience gave us while performing.”

For the rest of the Sock ‘n’ Buskin crew, the seniors are leaving a big impact.

“The seniors have especially been the perfect role models, and truly made me feel at home as a performer and as a friend,” said freshman Liam Ginsburg. He played Billy in “Bright Star.”