Manor’s Number 1 Chinese restaurant to close Sunday, hurt by rising rent, pandemic

Ulysses Conrad

In 1986, Number 1 Chinese Take-Out opened to serve food at 904 Pelhamdale Ave. Its location in the group of businesses at Four Corners in Pelham Manor was strategically placed near the Boston Post Road, while still allowing local traffic with its proximity to Pelhamdale Ave.

Ulysses Conrad

Since its founding, the owners have served loyal customers in the region for 35 years. However, Sunday night Number 1 Chinese will close its doors for the last time, a victim of increasing rent, a persisting drop in traffic from the Covid-19 pandemic and the wear of many years working long hours, said one of the owners.

The decision to close comes nearly two years after the eatery reopened during the ongoing pandemic. It shut for two months of Covid’s first destructive surge in March 2020 and reopened in May of that year.

“They’re nice, hard-working people, and they make the best wonton soup,” said one customer who emailed the Pelham Examiner.