Mohan for board of education: Residents support her for ‘unparalleled’ experience in schools

To the editor:

On behalf of all of those listed below, I am writing to express our wholehearted support for Theresa Mohan’s candidacy for board of education. Theresa and I met in 2001 when two of our children began Kindergarten at Hutchinson Elementary School. Theresa played a very active role in the Hutchinson PTA, where she and I served together as co-presidents. She later went on to be an active part of the Colonial Elementary School community as well, giving her the unique advantage of having been directly involved with four out of six of this town’s schools.

Indeed, Theresa has been a dedicated member of our Pelham community for more than twenty years. During that time, she balanced a successful professional career with significant community service. Theresa is a leader who is collaborative and will serve our community with sound judgement and time-earned knowledge. Her experience with our schools is unparalleled among the candidates.

Please see below some highlights:

  • Pelham resident for 20-plus years, during which time she has seen her children through elementary schools (daughters Maggie and Katie through Hutchinson; twins Jamie and Erin through Colonial), as well as Pelham Middle School and Pelham Memorial High School. (Maggie and Katie were class of 2012 and 2014, and Jamie and Erin are currently freshmen.) She is the only candidate with a background serving four of our six schools.
  • Co-president of the Hutchinson School PTA
  • Trustee of the Village of Pelham (two terms)
  • PTA Council 
  • Site-based council at Colonial
  • Pelham Travel Soccer board member
  • Coordinator of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-St. Catharine’s CYO basketball
  • Coach for recreation and travel sports: Little League, softball, basketball and soccer
  • Girl Scout leader

In addition to her impressive community credentials, Theresa is a formidable and deeply respected lawyer, who has served as general counsel, secretary of the board and chief human resources officer for several high-profile firms. She is currently an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School and former board member for the not-for-profit humanitarian-aid charity ShelterBox.

Most of all, Theresa is generous, hard-working, practical and a proven leader and collaborator.  She blends the invaluable experience of decades spent in our schools with the rigor and discipline of a C-suite executive who understands how to balance an advocate’s wish list against financial realities.

As a board member, she’d be an asset to our children, our educators and our community.

Please join us in voting for Theresa in the school board election Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Pelham Middle School gymnasium at 28 Franklin Place.

Jeanmarie Ward​

8 Oak Ave.

along with:

Jay Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Cathy Banholzer

Warren Banholzer

Aisling Bier

Therese Biskup

John Boyce

Cara Boyce

Kristen Burke

Sid Burke

Heather Bushong

Joe Caiola

Jen Caiola

Linda Carlozzi

Beth Clausen

Kate Coyne

Ron Martucci

Maura Curtain

Charles Zicari

Chris D’Angelo

Jamie Dannecker

Matt Dannecker

Ed Doty

Heather Eliezer

Thomas Farley

Maryanne Joyce

Gillian Fassel

Laura Smaldone

Phil Hammock

Carmen Hartigan

Steve Hartigan

Lisa Hord

Peter Kohnstamm 

Scott Humphrey

Mimi Humphrey

Danielle Johnson

Teddy Johnson

Deborah Lowery Knapp

Toby Knapp

Susan Kraus

John Kraus

Teresa Leste 

Luigi Laguna

Amy Lienart

Mary Crotty

Dan Livingstone

Elizabeth Livingston-Alderman

Mary Loughman

Ellen MacDonald

Sara Mallach

Larry Mallach

Joe Marty

Toby Marx

Cece Morrell

Jack Morrell

Michael Morrell

Peter Moskowitz

Kara McLoughlin

Maggie Moskowitz

Katie Moskowitz

Francile Albright Mullen

Chance Mullen

Jilia Fuller Nakayama

Kathleen Nanda

Jai Nanda

Eileen Madden

Paul Osmolski

Maria Pannullo

Marni Pedorella

Claire Persanis

Matt Persanis

Caleb Persanis

Luke Persanis

Kim Power

Jerry Power

Gretchen Kolback Pursel

Brad Pursel

Alexandra Russello

Emma Russello

Jill Sigelbaum

Jamie Weyndling

Sue Simpson

Russell Solomon

Allison Tam

Dana Thayer

Syd Thayer

Marie McIntyere Tracy

Bob Tracy

Timothy Ward

Glenn Ward