Foto Feature: Pelham Middle School drama back on stage with ‘Madagascar Jr.’

The auditorium was filled with applause at curtain call.

This past weekend, the Pelham Middle School drama club performed “Madagascar Jr.” The production was directed by Pelham Memorial High School teacher Thomas Beck as well as Arshia Panicker.

Getting the production to the stage was not easy, as many cast members were out sick and were required to quarantine. Rehearsal hours were long, and ultimately there were a few drop outs from the cast.

“You would be at rehearsal so long after school, and with Covid and everything, people were out at certain times when you needed them for the show,” said Anjali Shekher, an eighth grader in the cast. “It was really hard to get everyone together to rehearse.”

The show, originally scheduled for January, was moved to May because of the rise in Covid-19 cases.

“I am very proud of this cast and crew,” said Beck. “We were supposed to open the show in January, and even though we moved it by months, they still found a way to rehearse and work together as a team.”

Beck performed the role of King Julian for the Friday show as a student playing that character was out sick for opening night.