Café Latino opens its doors in place of GoGreek on Fifth Avenue


Café Latino opened at 108 Fifth Ave. in the former location of GoGreek, which closed its doors in April. Café Latino, owned by Maria and Jose Mercado, is a Spanish, Dominican and Mexican fusion restaurant.

The Mercados previously started a business twenty years ago.

“For myself, I thought it was time to reopen,” said Maria Mercado. “I feel happy when I am able to interact with different faces and feel the good energy and love they bring.”

Jose and Maria Mercado both mentioned the friendliness of Pelham, saying people have stopped by wishing them luck with their opening. A neighboring business, Mira’s Salon, sent them flowers welcoming them to town.

“In life nothing is easy, that’s number one,” said Jose Mercado. “When you open a business with new cuisine, it takes hard work, but Pelham is a very friendly environment to be in.”

Maria Mercado explained why she and Jose chose Pelham as the location for their new café. “I think it’s a very cute town, and I feel a lot of love from the people,” she said. “Whenever I walk by, they always say hello and good morning, and it’s a community that you can feel welcome.”

There is a wide range of food options on the menu, including vegetarian. Cafe Latino also provides online ordering. Their website can be found here.