Meet the new editors of the Pelham Examiner

A new slate of editors took over management of the Pelham Examiner on June 1. They will be in charge of the paper for its fifth year of publication, which officially begins June 27. Many are moving up from other editing positions they’ve held for the past year, while a few are staff reporters joining the team on the masthead for the first time.

If you’ve got news, story ideas or press releases, all the editors can be reached at [email protected].

Here are the editors of Pelham’s award-winning community newspaper:

  • Executive Editor: Cristina Stefanizzi
  • Managing Editor: Bella Caruso
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Gabby Ahitow
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Leila Brady
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Ava Paolucci
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Audrey Levenson
  • Sports Editor: Tobias D’Amore
  • Business Editor: Kira Findikyan
  • Entertainment Editor: Julia Findikyan
  • Opinions & Ideas Editor: Hannah Steinberg
  • Profiles Editor: Oliver Lavallee
  • Social Media Editor: Ava Knickerbocker
  • Photo Editor: Anna Gambone
  • Assistant Business Editor: Kiran Schwaderer
  • Assistant Social Media Editor: William Knickerbocker

Links to the biographies of all the editors are on the staff page.