Manor update: $1 million allocated for stormwater infrastructure work; FEMA grant sought

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by the Village of Pelham Manor. The Pelham Examiner publishes press releases in the form received as a service to the community.

As part of the Village’s ongoing efforts regarding stormwater management, Pelham Manor is evaluating infrastructure in targeted areas. This week, the Village added to the underdrain system and placed an additional catch basin on Roosevelt Avenue. Pelham Manor has worked with AI Engineers and its predecessor, Dolph Rotfeld Engineering, for decades, seeking opportunities to capture and divert stormwater. The Village is also presently working on a parallel, larger-scale project to map our entire stormwater system, using techniques such as aerial mapping and topographical ground surveys to aid in stormwater and flood mitigation assessments.

Through disciplined budgeting, Pelham Manor has already allocated approximately $1 million for upcoming stormwater infrastructure improvements. The Village worked collaboratively with Westchester County and FEMA on this project under an All Hazards Mitigation Plan, approved by FEMA. Pelham Manor has also applied for a Flood Hazard Mitigation grant from FEMA. Earlier this week, the Village hosted Congressman Jamaal Bowman and his staff, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the New York State DEC to review Pelham Manor’s stormwater system, including discharge points which tie into receiving systems in other jurisdictions.

The Board of Trustees welcomed Police Officer Intiaz Jaipal to the Pelham Manor Police Department (PMPD) at Monday night’s Board meeting. Mayor Jennifer Lapey swore in P.O. Jaipal and spoke about the Village’s commitment to training and staffing in the police and fire departments. P.O. Jaipal began his career in the Mount Vernon Police Department and holds a multitude of training certificates, including field training officer certification. Trustee and Police Commissioner Breda Bennett has worked closely with Village Manager John Pierpont and the executive leadership of the PMPD to underscore departmental goals and objectives.