Pelham School District welcomes new staff at reception Aug. 28

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The babble of voices, the soft chatter of conversation and looks of recognition filled the library. While Pelham Memorial High School is undergoing physical changes, repainting and getting ready for the new school year, the people who make the high school and other schools run are changing too.

Tuesday evening, administrators and board members gathered in the high school library for a reception welcoming new administrators to the Pelham School District. Among those were Greg Lau, John Sebalos, Millie Bonilla, Lynn Sabia, Sean Llewellyn and Susan Lockhart.

With everyone seemingly motivated for the 2018-19 school year, the vibe in the room was positive.

“I’m looking forward to forming partnerships with other administrators and enhancing special ed programs to make sure students get successful outcomes,” said Greg Lau, the new supervisor of special education for the middle and high schools.

Lau has been teaching in New Rochelle for the past ten years and is very excited to join the Pelham community.

John Sebalos is the new director of technology. Though this will Sebalos 13th year working in education, it’s his first in Pelham.

“I’m happy to be here and eager to see how technology is used in the classroom, helping students to be prepared,” he said.

Also new to the district are Interim Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Susan Lockhart and District Clerk Millie Bonilla, who is also secretary to the superintendent of schools.

“I’m so happy to be on board,” said Bonilla. “I look forward to learning all I can and following in Stevie’s footsteps.”

Long-time District Clerk Stevie Pollock retired at the end of last year.

Changes in administration are also afoot at Pelham Middle School as Lynn Sabia rises to become the new principal with Sean Llewellyn filling her previous position as assistant principal.

“I’m looking forward to building bridges, reconnecting and working with the faculty, students, and (working with) Mr. Llewellyn,” said Sabia.

Llewellyn said he feels he and Sabia collaborate well. At the reception, Sabia and Llewellyn talked about the nature of the positions, with the assistant principal being more focused on the day-to-day management of the school and the principal working towards the larger educational goals. However, one cannot work without the other, and it seems a good team is forming fast.

Toward the end of the reception, the pleasant chatter tapered off as everyone moved on to the regular portion of the Board of Education meeting.