Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge:’ Movie filled with twists and turns

Netflixs Do Revenge: Movie filled with twists and turns

Netflix’s original movie, “Do Revenge,” is a whirlwind of plot twists, complex characters, and unique relationships. The plot follows two high school students at an elite private school in Florida: one a popular and brilliant scholarship girl, Drea, and the other a shy and outcasted exchange student, Eleanor.

Drea has her whole future laid out with her dreams are right in front of her until her boyfriend publishes her sex tape. Meanwhile, Eleanor is haunted by an accusatory and serious rumor from when she was young. The two girls desperately crave revenge and join forces to punish their tormentors.

The plot and storyline are engaging and I was constantly on the edge of my seat while watching. Although the idea of “popular” and “unpopular” girls secretly coming together is a rather overused topic, this movie went about it in a way I have never seen done before. Every time I believed my predictions were correct, my guesses were wildly inaccurate. There is plot twist after plot twist, but they are conceived in a way that is not excessive, but instead left me gaping at my television. 

Some aspects of the movie are very contrived, such as the plot as a whole. Some of these factors make the movie more enjoyable. However, many parts of the movie such as the social scene and dialogues are too artificial and forced, and would not be an accurate portrayal of modern high school and the dynamics teens actually have. 

The actors all did a spectacular job of representing the characters and truly conveyed their emotions and struggles, providing a pathway into the character’s minds and emotions. Many were well-known actors such as Camilla Mendes (Riverdale), Maya Hawke (Stranger Things), and Austin Abrams (Euphoria), while other leads are budding actors, a respectable casting method.

This is the perfect movie if you are down for a laugh, while also being constantly stimulated and invested in this complex Romance-Drama plot.

Grade: A