PCRA to open new pilates studio next to its indoor rowing gym on Nov. 7

The Pelham Community Rowing Association plans to open a new pilates and weight studio on Nov. 7 next to its indoor rowing gym on Wolf’s Lane.

This summer, the PCRA began the process of setting up the new studio

“We are currently in the process of hiring instructors and putting the finishing touches on the studio,” said Elizabeth Calder, program administrator and business development manager for the PCRA. “We are so excited to be bringing pilates to Pelham and expanding our class offerings.”

Pilates can help people train for all sports and can improve strength, flexibility and cardiac fitness. The PCRA started its rowing studio in 2020 and has since offered seven rowing-fitness classes a week. Located at 89 Wolfs Lane, it is open to everyone sixteen and up and provides fast-paced 45 minutes workouts.

“Our club motto is ‘Making rowing accessible for everyone,’ and by adding our indoor rowing fitness classes, we’ve been able to spread rowing knowledge to athletes new to the sport,” said Calder, who grew up rowing in Pelham.

“Rowing can be intimidating to some people, but it is truly a sport for everyone,” Calder said. “We always like to say, ‘our workouts are as hard or as easy as you make them.’ Our workouts are designed for all experience levels from beginners rowing for the first time, to athletes training for world championships. The rowing machine provides an unmatched full body, low impact workout suitable for any age or fitness level.”

With the new pilates and weight studio, the association looks forward to offering drop-in group fitness classes for its own members. “Our athletes spend a lot of time in the boat and on the rowing machine, so mixing in a low impact, strength workout like pilates can help our teams gain speed and prevent injury,” said Calder.

Not only will the new gym be great for the rowing team, but it also will provide the people of Pelham with access to workout classes. “Our main goal in our indoor studios and at our boathouse on Glen Island is to welcome everyone,” Calder said. “We hope more Pelham residents will consider joining us for a class—your first indoor rowing or pilates class is free!—and see how rowing and pilates are for everyone.”