The five best albums to come out of 2022

2022 was a very exciting year for the music industry with the release of many major albums. Many artists who had taken a hiatus from recording released new music. While most albums and trending songs of 2021 were leaning on the mainstream pop side, the major albums of 2022 fell more within the alternative rock category of music. Many artists surprised listeners by trying a different genre in 2022. Although many albums stood out this year, here are my picks for the five albums that really shocked the world and changed the pace of music.

#5. Superache, Conan Gray 

Superache was Conan’s sophomore album following the 2020 release of his album, Kid Krow.  Conan’s 2020 album reflected on his high school experience with his most popular song being “Heather.” Gray connected with his target audience in 2020 with his use of soft piano and melancholic lyrics. His fan base grew strong and loyal, setting him up for success in 2022. Conan’s current hit single from  Superache entitled “Memories,” gained streams when it started trending on Tik Tok. Tiktok has been a major bolster to Conan’s career with many of his songs trending such as “Heather,” “Memories,” “Family Line,” and “People Watching.” The album is more mature than Kid Krow and follows the theme of struggling to find someone who will love you. The album has a great balance of upbeat songs and songs that will leave you contemplative.

#4. Being Funny In a Foreign Language, The 1975 

This English pop-rock band was very prominent in the music industry throughout the 2010s and they continue to be consistent in the industry today. The band gained momentum with the release of their new single, “I’m In Love With You,” a very upbeat and fun song. The music video included dancing mimes and popular singer/songwriter, Phoebe Bridgers. Being Funny In a Foreign Language was released one week prior to Taylor Swift’s album, Midnights but it still managed to do well. With their song, “About You”, gaining popularity on Tiktok, the album also did well in streams. The 1975’s charismatic lead singer, Matty Healy, pokes fun at everything from love songs to world issues. The 1975’s songs reflecting on today’s culture is very entertaining.

#3. Renaissance, Beyonce

Beyonce changed up her style with the release of her new album by including elements of dance and electropop. The singer, who can be deemed as one of the queens of pop, had many hit singles from Renaissance such as “Cuff It,” “Alien Superstar,” and “Break My Soul.” With the upbeat tempo of “Break My Soul,” it became a quick favorite, and is played in celebratory settings. The album topped charts at the end of July when it was released and has continued to stay relevant throughout the rest of 2022. The album is very easy to dance to and can raise one’s spirits.

#2. Midnights, Taylor Swift 

Many of Swift’s fans had been eagerly waiting for this  release and were in awe when she announced Midnights at the VMAs. The last two albums she had released prior to Midnights have been re-records of her past albums and her fans were beginning to doubt if she’d ever release new music again. Midnights was Swift’s return to more mainstream pop and I believe it was a very good choice. Her albums folklore and evermore had both been acoustic pop and a new approach for Swift. These albums shook Swifties who had become used to  Swift’s previous country and pop. While her lyricism from Midnights may not be as good as folklore and evermore, it is still an amazing album. She deals with themes such as love but also insecurity.  In her catchy hit single from the album, “Anti-Hero,” Swift claims that she is her own worst enemy. The song resonated with many people and became the third most popular song on Spotify charts of 2022.

#1. SOS, SZA

SOS came out on December 9th and ended 2022 with a bang. SZA had previously released a hit album, CTRL in 2017. Since then, she had not released any new albums or EPs up until now. Although she had many collaborations and singles her fans eagerly awaited a new album. SZA delivered her new album with 23 tracks that have been trending since. The album is everything SZA fans could’ve ever asked for. It covers many themes such as dealing with heartbreak self-love, and the struggle of being in the music industry. The album featured many hit artists including Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Travis Scott. The album includes the hit song, “Good Days” which started trending on Tik Tok when it was released in 2020. In her song “Kill Bill,” SZA states that she wants to murder her ex even though she is still in love with him. The album is the definition of perfection with multiple music styles and amazing collabs.