Danny’s Cycles storefront closes, bikes now sold out of Pelham Manor location


Danny’s Cycles, Pelham’s local bike shop since 1967, has changed their primary Pelham location from Wolfs Lane to the company’s warehouse on Secor Lane in Pelham Manor in December 2022.

A bike shop has existed at the former location since the late 1920s, initially known as The Pelham Bicycle Center, and then, as of 1967, as Danny’s Cycles. Steve Kahn, the owner of Danny’s Cycles, first bought the storefront after its former owner sold it in 2017. However, the site was not ideal for a cycling store as there were stairs and it was difficult to bring bicycles in and out, particularly with the disrepair of the building.

The business had to move into their warehouse due to various issues with the former location’s landlord, several repairs that had to be made, and a loss of heat within the store. This was not a difficult shift as the company had already been selling bicycles out of their Secor Lane location.

“We were unable to come to terms with the landlord. The store was in major disrepair, and the landlord was not willing to work with us on making it more usable,” Kahn said.

In the future, Kahn hopes to find a location close to the last one that is in better condition and more practical for his business. Even if this is not possible within the town of Pelham, he is still open to the prospect of moving into alternate locations within Westchester County.

“We want to try to stay in Pelham, we love Pelham, it’s a great location,” Kahn said.