Duty of U.S. to help those in Ukraine facing turmoil

To the editor:

With the recent escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian War due to the bigger flow of weapons to Ukraine (the deal to send Abrams and Leopard tanks to that country), poverty remains a massive issue in the nation. Because of this war started by Russia, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been displaced across the world; some even trapped in Ukraine due to widespread poverty. Thousands are starving every day. Some do not even have shelter due to their homes being destroyed. The global community must do more to help those who cannot help themselves by providing more aid to those displaced by offering food and medical aid. It is the duty of the United States to help nations facing turmoil because we are capable of help. It is true that NATO has aided Ukrainian refugees, offering them homes, but we must do more for those who remain at home and need help, for that is the duty of the United States. Rep. Jamaal Bowman, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Chuck Schumer must support bills that provide aid to countries that need it, such as the Reach Every Mother and Child Act.

Daniel Dusevic

153 Fifth Ave.