Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s ‘Bat Boy:’ Musical delivers shocks and laughter


Bat Boy: The Musical is a dark comedy and horror musical that takes place in Hope Falls, West Virginia. When a half-bat, half-boy, played by Liam Ginsburg, is discovered in a nearby cave no one knows what to do. So Sheriff Reynolds, played by Jeremy Tam, brings Bat Boy to  Dr. Parker, who is the town’s veterinarian and is played by Andrew Scott. Dr. Parker, his wife, Meredith, played by Bella Rosado, and daughter Shelley, played by Ava Pursel, care for Bat Boy and teach him the proper way to be a part of the human world; they name him Edgar.

The major plot twist of the musical is that Edgar is the son of Meredith Parker and therefore the brother of Shelley. This sent a series of gasps throughout the crowd and the performance captured the eyes and ears of the audience as well.

“It was really entertaining with a lot of plot twists,” said PMHS junior, Emma Laskaj. “I also really enjoyed the soundtrack.”

“Bat Boy was a lot better than I expected and I think the acting was phenomenal,” said Max Halvorson, PMHS freshman.

The chaoticness of the southern society brought amusement to the audience.

“I especially loved the scene where Reverend Billy Hightower tried getting rid of Edgar’s batboy problems in the church by shaking him, it was hilarious,” said PMHS junior Clara Goode.

The cast and crew of Bat Boy: The Musical put an immense amount of work and dedication into the production.

“The rehearsal process is rigorous; in the weeks leading up to the show we practice almost every night for several hours, but it’s so worth it to put on such a wonderful show that I am so proud of,” said ensemble member of Bat Boy, Audrey Levenson.

Bat Boy: The Musical brought the audience to a swift applause and a standing ovation.