With count-her-in approach, Garrido-Carmody will bring level-headed, hard work to school board

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Connie Garrido-Carmody as a board of education trustee. I have known Connie for seven years, ever since our children were in Kindergarten together, and I can attest to her work ethic and community spirit. Connie is a hands-on, count-her-in type of person who is always more focused on the group outcome than herself.

I was PTA president at Prospect Hill, and I know, as most of us who have had this role, that wrangling volunteers is a formidable task when it comes to the dirty work. The job of setting up tables, minding the book fairs, gathering donations and counting spirit wear—that’s where the really solid volunteers show themselves. Connie was the type of parent that would always rise to the occasion and would simply say, “I’m here for whatever you need me to do,” and she surely was. Her demeanor was one of being team-oriented, and she understood the nuances of what would make the school PTA run smoothly with everyone’s opinions and contributions valued. Even when not listed as a board member or volunteer, Connie shows up with “how can I help,” and it is in this spirit I know that she cares deeply, not just about the showmanship, but about working hard to make our schools even better than they already are.

During Covid-19, Connie and I had many conversations about our concerns about learning loss and the return to school. I value Connie’s intelligent consideration in our discussions because even though she was not a teacher or in the educational field as I am, she could see both sides of a difficult situation with empathy. We often discussed the balance needed to address the losses our children were experiencing out of school against the desires to keep staff healthy and safe in the face of a pandemic. Her solutions-driven ideas were mindful of various viewpoints because Connie is a reasonable and thoughtful person.

As a representative of us as voters and parents in the district, I know Connie will bring the same level-headed, hard working spirit to her role as trustee. There is important work to be done at the school board level in the coming three years, and in our conversations, Connie is very cognizant of that responsibility. I trust her to follow through with her ideas of making the learning that goes on in school more transparent and of creating more spaces where parents can connect with what is going on in the classroom. Connie will roll up her sleeves and focus on the best outcomes for all our kids. I know she will provide good stewardship over the decisions being made that affect how our schools can remain competitive while also being fiscally responsible.

I trust Connie Garrody-Carmody to be an excellent board of education trustee. She has my vote and should have yours as well.

Jessyka Calzolaio

1436 Roosevelt Avenue