Celebrating amazing people of Pelham

To the editor:

After all the time that I spent in Pelham, I am happy to have lived here. Pelham is one of the coolest towns in the whole country, with so many people who are amazingly cool, fun and super wonderful. Some of them have gone on to make amazing contributions. One of those people from Pelham, Kyra Tantao, starred in a Disney Channel Movie, “Zombies 3.” I have to admit, it was one of the proudest moments in my life—seeing a friend of mine being seen and recognized by millions. Pelham should earn the name “Hollywood East.” We have so many people who deserve a big shout out—okay, maybe some.

First, there is Michelle Romanello, co-founder of SOOP Theatre Company. She is an absolutely sweet woman with a fun personality. And let’s not forget her two awesome daughters, Sara and Samantha, insanely wonderful, hyper-cool fun women who deserve icon status for bringing talent, fun and smiles to the Pelhams. Then we have my former choir teacher, Maria Abeshouse. What a talented, extremely wonderful woman, and the textbook example of why Pelham should be named “Hollywood East.” She is so nice and amazingly wonderful—especially since she has family members who work in Hollywood. Who could imagine having a teacher whose family has a member who wrote an episode for “Family Guy?” Well, everyone should feel very, very lucky about not have to worry about wasting money on a plane ticket to Hollywood to search for wonderful people.

Then we have the compassionate sweetheart angels of this town. There’s Joanne Case—Pelham’s best angel. She is so nice and kind and has the coolest son, Timmy. She brings contagious joy and fun. Also, we have Mimi Steinberg—a smiling, joyful person who is so talented. Her smile says it all—she is an angel, one of the nicest people. And her daughter, Hannah, is awesome. Why is it that Pelham has the coolest, fun, super wonderful mother-daughter duos? Every girl should feel way beyond awesome that they have really cool moms. And vice versa.

Then we have people who have done or do the coolest things that no other people in Pelham would think they could do. Jennifer Dunbar is awesome. She went scuba diving a few times. Isn’t it so lucky to have people from here who do this? To have people from the area who, at a couple points in their lives, experienced zero-gravity underwater.

Pelham has so many way-beyond awesome moms who have way-beyond awesome daughters. Mothers should remind daughters that they are more worthy and amazing than what their Facebooks or Snapchats tell them. Daughters, in turn, should turn to their moms and feel thankful that they were raised by women who are amazing, hyper-cool people who do so many awesome things for the community and the world.

Feel grateful that you live in Pelham. To all the Pelhamites, male or female—you rock. Never Change

Brendan Loughran

17 Black Street