Pelham Pilates Studio, Pelham’s new workout spot, offers customized services

Pelham Pilates Studio, Pelhams new workout spot, offers customized services

Pelham’s new Pilates studio, Pelham Pilates Studio will host classes with different focuses such as core strength and flexibility. The studio is located at 231 Wolfs Lanes and opened on April 29.

“Our classes are designed to be low-impact, with an emphasis on proper form and technique to avoid injury,” said owner, Otla Kapri.

Kapri opened Pelham Pilates Studio because of her passion for fitness and wellness. The studio’s long-term goal is to continue to provide pilates classes and wellness services for the Pelham community while also promoting wellness to more people through online classes and workshops. They plan to partner with local businesses and organizations and also want to offer more specialized services such as prenatal and postnatal pilates, plus pilates for seniors and athletes.

“I wanted to create a space where people could come and feel good about themselves,” said Kapri. “We focus on personalized attention and creating a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.”

Each class begins with a consultation to discuss injuries, health concerns, or fitness goals for the client. Afterward, the Pilates instructors create an individual program that addresses the client’s needs and desired results. The studio also provides support and guidance to keep clients on track to achieve long-term success.

“All of our instructors are certified Pilates instructors with extensive training and experience working with clients of all ages and fitness levels,” said Kapri. “They are skilled at modifying exercises to accommodate injuries or limitations, and they are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals in a safe and effective way.”

The studio has extensive equipment for its classes, including barrels, chairs, cadillacs, and reformers. Additionally, they incorporate balls, bands, and weights to add variety and challenge to classes. The studio also offers various wellness events such as nutrition seminars and meditation classes throughout the year.

More information on Pelham Pilates Studio can be found here.