Sneak peek: Downtown Pelham’s newest apartment building to open in September

The apartment building at 139 Fifth Ave. is scheduled to be open for rent this September, a year after projected at the beginning of construction, according to Holly Mellstrom, a real estate agent for the property.

The building has 28 apartments, including 15 one-bedroom with one bathroom, and 13 two-bedroom with two-bathroom apartments, according to Mellstrom. Some of these apartments, including Model 2-B (a one-bedroom apartment), have already been staged for future renters to tour with a real estate agent. The lobby is currently being staged. However, construction is not complete in most of the building, including an elevator.

According to Mellstrom, there are five L-shaped and Verizon-wired building floors. The building sits on a lot from Fifth Avenue back to Fourth Avenue. The first floor includes the lobby and a package room for renters to receive their deliveries.

The first floor will also hold one to two storefronts with fourteen-foot ceilings, but the renting price is flexible.

The builders are “entertaining a couple of proposals. I don’t know what has been decided. Nothing has been decided yet,” said Mellstrom.

Floors two through five hold apartments. Apartments will either face Fourth Avenue, which faces west, leading to more afternoon sun, or Fifth Avenue, which faces east, leading to more morning sun. One-bedroom apartments will mostly be in the front, and the two-bedroom flats in the rear.

This excludes the fifth floor, which has unfinished special units. Two of these fifth-floor units have 35-foot-wide private terraces. There is also a lounge on the fifth floor and a rooftop deck for the renters.

The one-bedroom apartments across the front of the building have similar layouts with appliances, including a washer and dryer and light fixtures.

“Everything is electric, no gas, no oil,” said Mellstrom.

The higher the floor, the higher the pricing. The lowest apartment price is $3,565 per month, which is a one-bedroom on the second floor. The highest price is $6,500, a two-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor having 1,550 square feet.

“We’ve had a lot of demand which is why we adjusted the prices recently, so we’ll always be guided by the market,” said Mellstrom.

According to Mellstrom, there is a parking lot in the back of the building. There will be one spot per apartment, as well as some spots set aside for the customers and employees of the retail on the first floor.

“There will be solar panels in the parking lot, but they’re still coming up with a design for it that is aesthetically pleasing and still functional, but any of the savings from the solar energy they get will be passed along to the tenants based on their usage,” said Mellstrom. “This is the only apartment building in Pelham so far with solar panels.”