Robert Tracy continues decades of service with presidency of Pelham Education Foundation

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Robert Tracy continues decades of service with presidency of Pelham Education Foundation

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A dedicated parent, successful lawyer and a citizen deeply involved in the Pelham community. These are just a few words that describe Robert Tracy, who in May was elected to be the president of the Pelham Education Foundation.

The Pelham Education foundation (PEF) is a non-profit organization that, since its founding in 1995, has helped approve multiple million dollars in grants to the community. It is only fitting that such an impactful and generous organization is now headed by Tracy, a man who has always been generous with his time and talents.

Tracy has lived in Pelham for 30 years and feels that the town has served him very well.

“We raised two daughters, who both went K-12 through Pelham’s public schools,” said Tracy. “We were very happy with the education they got and how prepared they were for college.”

Pleased with the success of his children, Tracy felt an obligation to contribute to Pelham. “We tried to give back to the community in a lot of ways,” said Tracy.

Over his time living in town, Tracy acquired a notably extensive local resume. He served on the PEF board for six years, the Pelham Civic Association, of which he is a board member and past president, for more than 20 years, sits on the board of Hearts and Homes for Refugees, was on the Citizens Nominating Committee, and is active at OLPH.

Recounting his local service, Tracy almost forgot to mention one position held. “Oh, and I was the village attorney for the Village of Pelham for six years!”

Tracy has now set his focus on PEF. The organization’s primary form of donation comes in entirely in the form of donations and mostly from Pelham residents and businesses.

“In recent years, we’ve provided the Maker Spaces, we did the Chromebooks for the Middle School, the Science Research Lab, and even the Language Lab (both in the High School),” said Tracy.

In addition, PEF provides grants to Pelham’s music and arts programs, to which it has been a source of steadfast support. PEF exists for and by residents of Pelham. Donors can easily be spotted by the blue ribbon fixed to their homes, which PEF gives to their benefactors each year as a sign of gratitude and support.

As for his time as president of PEF, Tracy desires to spread awareness to educators across the district.

“Our goal is to make sure that the educators in all six of our public schools are just very aware that we’re here and willing to support them through grants,” said Tracy.

Tracy hopes that teachers and administrators will make use of PEF and tap into its resources to help benefit the community. Additionally, he encourages the community at large, as well as students, to suggest grants for areas that they think need improvement or creation.

Tracy is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community, and is very thankful for the years of happiness Pelham has given him. He is happy to have dedicated so much of his time to improving his hometown. Regarding his future in town, Tracy isn’t all too certain.  

“Maybe I should do more around our property and it would look nicer. But that’s a whole other issue.”