International Day brings together food, music and traditions of Hutchinson’s families from around world (includes slideshow)

Step into the warm Hutchinson School gym. Scents of all kinds are everywhere—some spicy, some salty, some sweet. Tables line the walls. A DJ plays in the back. The food is from all over the world, including Ireland, Hungary and Brazil, to name only a few.

On Saturday, International Day was celebrated in the Hutchinson School gym from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. International Day is an event that happens every other year where students from Hutchinson bring in food from their native or ancestral country. It lets students and and their families learn about the cultures of the other people attending the school.

Stacey Kaplan, who helped run the Poland table, said, “I love the fact that (International Day) brings people together, all sharing and learning with each other.”

This year, there were tables from over thirty different countries. Many of the students attending wore the traditional clothing of the country they were from or their family came from.

Each country had its own table. Parents of children who go to Hutchinson served the food. Raffle tickets were also sold to benefit Hutchinson School.

“It’s very diverse,” said Rediet Assefa.

Lucette Ow, a former student of Hutchinson, said, “It’s a very social event.”

There was also more than food. At some tables, there were activities. The India table offered temporary tattoos. The music came from all over the world.

Rami Vamos, the music teacher at Hutch, led the children in songs from other countries, some in different languages. There was also an Indian dance performance.

Whether you ate some food or sung songs, International Day was a great way for kids and adults to learn about other countries and cultures.