Village of Pelham police blotter: July 19-26

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Saturday, July 26

4:33 a.m. — Police were advised of a suspicious vehicle that was parked and occupied in the area of lot 10. Units were dispatched and advised that all was in order. 

Friday, July 25

3:18 a.m. —The department was advised of a suspicious vehicle on Fourth Avenue. The occupying party was interviewed and sent on his way.

4:58 a.m. — A resident reported a suspicious vehicle on Nyac Avenue. The car was reported to be idle there for approximately ten minutes. Units were dispatched, and soon after advised that said party was waiting to pick up a passenger.

2:07 p.m. — The department received a call from a pedestrian stating there was a vehicle parked on the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue between First and Second streets. Officer was dispatched and advised the complaint was unfounded.

3:29 p.m. — An officer was dispatched on the complaint of a driver slumped over the wheel of his vehicle, holding what appeared to be a glass pipe in his hands.Up on arrival the officer spotted the vehicle legally parked. The officer knocked on the window of the vehicle in an attempt to wake the sleeping party. The party awoke, and his door was opened by the officer and he was requested to exit his vehicle. The vehicle was searched and a glass pipe of crystal methenamine, as well as two others containing residue of the narcotic. Following his arrest, the party did utter that he was in possession of crystal methenamine. The drugs were vouchered immediately as evidence. The party was transported to police headquarters, proper paperwork, photography, booking and processing was completed.The party was released on his own recognition and is due back in court at a later date.

Thursday, July 24

7:43 a.m. — The department received a call regarding a suspicious person sitting in his vehicle on Fifth Street and Second Avenue every night in the same location. The party was later found to be a security guard for a nearby facility.

3:58 p.m. — Headquarters advised Pelham units of a suspect vehicle on Boulevard. A later update stated the location of the vehicle to be in New Rochelle. The officer responded to the location to provide assistance. Up on arrival the officers from the Westchester County Police Department had the vehicle stopped and its occupants at gunpoint. The driver was handcuffed with no resistance. No further action from the Pelham Police Department was required.

6:30 p.m. —Police responded to assist with a search warrant with the New Rochelle Police Department. The suspect was home at the time of the search. While conducting the search warrant New Rochelle Police located an undetermined amount of narcotics believed to be heroine. The suspect was transported first to the New Rochelle Police Department for interview. All evidence was collected and held by the department. The suspect was later transported to the Pelham Police Department for for booking and processing, where they were arraigned and released on their own recognition. The suspect was expected back in court at a later date.

Tuesday, July 23

2:35 a.m. —While on routine patrol and officers observed a black electric scooter parked in front of a driveway on Corlies Avenue. The suspect was observed emerging out of the driveway. The officer observed the lights of the two cars parked in the driveway to be illuminated. The suspect was stopped by the officer and identified. Up on interview the suspect stated that he was in the driveway since he was an Uber Eats driver, he was unable to provide information about the delivery, and subsequently advised the writer that he was “just taking a piss” in the driveway. Another officer arrived and the suspect was detained pending investigation. The doors were unlocked to both cars, but neither appeared to be rifled through. The owner of the vehicle was spoken to and at the time believed that nothing had been taken. The suspect was in possession of several items he claimed to be his, however were identified by the officer as belonging to others. The suspect was taken to the department and placed in a cell while the proper procedures regarding the man’s arrest were held. The man was later written a bail ticket.The suspect’s scooter was impounded and the possible larcenies are being held at a pending investigation.

1:59 p.m. — A call was received by the department of a reported larceny from a vehicle on Corlies Avenue. The victim stated that unknown suspect unlawfully entered the vehicle and stole an unknown amount of quarters from the center console. The victim stated that the suspect used the remote found in the vehicle to open the garage and stole a bicycle.

8:38 p.m. —The department received a call of a woman stating that her child was locked in a different room than she was. The police arrived and were able to unlock the door, and the mother and child were reunited. The lockout was accidental and no further action was taken by the police.

Monday, July 22

1:33 p.m. —The manager at the Dunkin Donuts on Lincoln Avenue reported consistent harassment of a former employee who had been fired some two months prior. It was reported that sometime in June the former employee began to receive phone hang-ups at the work number and her personal cell phone. The caller identification was observed to be that of a current employee. Another employee at the time had also been receiving such calls and stated that she was spoken to over the phone and the caller made statements such as, “Your boss is going to lose her job,” “You are both racist Muslims,” “You can’t do your job,” “Make sure when you leave the store nothing happens to you.” The victim became afraid when she saw the employee who had been making the calls lingering outside the store past closing time with another female. The victim stayed locked inside the store until her father picked her up. The manager stated that she wished these actions to stop and needs to protect her employees. The victim later came into the police department to have the situation resolved stating that she would proceed with further charges if needed.  

 7:45 p.m. — Police responded to a call regarding a possible overdose. Up on arrival the officer met with the victim who was shaking uncontrollably. Pelham Fire Department, a medic, and Empress EMS arrived on scene to treat the victim. Victim was then transported to New Rochelle Hospital for further evaluation. Np further police action required.

Sunday, July 21

7:29 a.m. —An officer on patrol observed two graffiti markings on Seventh Street. The officer had not observed the markings the previous day. A picture was taken on a patrol camera, as to document the evidence. An attempt to contact the owner of the property in which the graffiti had been placed was made, but with negative results. No further police action was taken at the time.

11:48 a.m. — A dog was reported to be running loose on Elderwood Avenue. An officer was dispatched, but at the time of his arrival, the owner had retrieved the dog.

6:21 p.m. — An officer was dispatched in response to a noise complaint. The party that made the complaint stated that she heard loud music and believe it to be coming from Mount Vernon.The Mount Vernon Police Department was advised of the situation. Up on inspection the complaint was unfounded and the officer heard no music in the incident location as well as the blocks surrounding it.

Saturday, July 20

2:15 a.m. — An officer advised that he would be investigating a suspicious vehicle on Fifth Avenue. The operator was looking into the windows of storefronts alone Wolfs Lane.The operator of the vehicle identified himself, and produced proper license and registrations. The officer advised all to be in order, and the driver was sent on his way.

3:20 p.m. — A party walked into the Pelham Police Headquarters advising that his vehicle had been broken into and an unknown amount of quarters had been taken. The vehicle was parked in the party’s driveway during the time the incident occurred. The vehicle was unlocked and had not been driven in 48 hours.  Party stated they had no security cameras at the residence, but requested the cases’ documentation. No further police action required.

Friday, July 19

9:52 p.m.–Police were dispatched following a noise complaint coming from Boulevard West. Complaint stated the party heard a loud beeping sound possible from construction machinery. The condition was advised and corrected.