The Local Branch, new coworking space, opens in former Capital One bank building


When the Capital One bank across the intersection from the Pelham Art Center closed its doors three years ago, expectations were that, after the ATM and drive-through teller windows had been removed, the dumpsters and a demolition crew would be along in short order. But after three years, the building stood abandoned and waiting, a husk and nothing more.

In November, there was activity inside the former bank—people moving things, cleaning, assembling furniture and a row of paper bags set along the windowsill at one point.

Chatter arose. What was going on? Best guesses were that some non-profit was working out of the building, and while not accurate, the guess wasn’t entirely incorrect—the work part, at least. By mid-December, the former bank had been turned into a functioning coworking space called The Local Branch.

The Local Branch allows anyone to pay a daily or monthly fee for access to a workstation, armchair seating, power, printers, high speed wifi and essentially all of the things one would find in, well, an office. The space is designed for people who work from home or are self-employed and need a place to go close to home that allows them to get work done without distractions.

For more information, visit the Local Branch website, or simply 200 Fifth Ave.