Village of Pelham police blotter: Feb. 3-10

Village of Pelham police blotter: Feb. 3-10

Feb. 3

4:49 p.m. — The Pelham Memorial High School assistant principal advised an officer that a staff member had observed graffiti in the boy’s restroom on the second floor near the Franklin Place side. It was believed that the mischief occured between 8:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. that day.

11:59 p.m. — An officer on patrol observed multiple vehicles traveling northbound on Pelhamdale Avenue pass through a steady red signal while turning left onto Colonial Avenue. The officer effected a traffic stop from the front momentarily, but the vehicle tried to go around the police car. The officer was able to head the vehicle off, but the operator completed a U-turn to face east on Colonial Avenue, ignoring the officer’s directions to yield. The operator immediately accelerated and began to flee south on Pelhamdale Avenue at a speed of at least 70 mph. Headquarters were notified of the operator’s failure to comply. The vehicle made a right turn heading west on Black Street. An officer from the Pelham Manor police department came in from the other side of Black Street, leaving the vehicle no escape outlet. A high risk traffic stop was affected with which the operator and two passengers of the vehicle were compliant. Each of the men were handcuffed and searched. An E-justice check on the vehicle revealed its registration to be improper; the vehicle was impounded. One license plate was to be removed and turned over as evidence. Uniform Tracking Tickets were issued for the following violations: misdemeanor for reckless driving, unlicensed operator, improper plates, unregistered motor vehicle, operating without insurance, insufficient tail lamps and non-transparent side windows. All parties were transported to headquarters by police vehicles without incident. A family friend was able to take custody of all three parties, and the operator of the vehicle was issued a Juvenile Appearance Ticket for a later date. Nothing further at this time.

Feb. 7

12:36 a.m. — While on patrol two officers observed a vehicle pass through a red light at the intersection of Lincoln and First Avenue. The emergency lights on the police vehicle were activated and the vehicle was stopped in a safe area of the roadway. The operator of the vehicle complied with the officer’s request for license and registration, which both came back valid. The officer noticed the strong odor of marijuana emanating out of the vehicle. When asked if they were in the possession of any marijuana, the party stated “yes” and handed the officer a white envelope containing what appeared to be marijuana. The party was detained and placed in the back of the police vehicle. When asked if they possessed any more marijuana, the party stated “yes, in the middle console”. The officer located seven additional envelopes and one plastic bag of the substance. A check revealed two ziplock bags in the glove compartment, as well as a black shopping bag containing 42 additional envelopes and a ziplock bag of the suspected drug. The evidence was seized and photographed. The party was told that he was under arrest, and the vehicle was impounded. Evidence was secured, and after being booked and processed the individual was given an appearance ticket for a later date. 

10:21 a.m. — A party advised an officer of an issue she was having with her FedEx driver. She stated that on Feb. 5 she found a package on her front doorstep that was due to be delivered that day. She stated that the package should have been signed for but was not. She made a complaint to FedEx that evening regarding the delivery. On the morning of Feb. 7 she received a phone call from the party who had delivered the package asking if she had received it. He also sent her a text message asking the same. The party later saw the FedEx delivery man on her Ring doorbell that morning, ringing the bell and looking through her windows. The party asked that the incident be documented in case the delivery worker retaliates for her earlier complaint. The officer did speak to the driver and advised him with agreement to stop any further contact with the party.

2:11 p.m. — A Pelham resident came to headquarters to report a fraud. She stated that in November she had been advised of a debt she owed on her credit card for $10,932.30 from purchases made in 2019. She told the officer that since moving to the Village she had not used the credit card. Further, the credit card statements had been sent to her old address, and she was unaware that the transactions had taken place until she received a collections letter. She was advised by her credit card company to file the police report.

Feb. 9

12:02 a.m. — While on patrol, an officer was alerted by the vehicle’s mobile license plate reader that a car, parked on Fifth Avenue, had a stolen license plate affixed to its rear. An E-justice check on the plate found that it was stolen out of the Greenburgh police department on Jan. 16. The officer contacted the Greenburgh police department, which confirmed that the plate was still active out of that jurisdiction. The officer entered the nearby restaurant, Sergio’s, and found the driver of said vehicle. The party stated that he worked for Curry Acura, and provided a business card confirming the same.  The plate was removed and taken as evidence, and the vehicle was parked on private property nearby until it received a new dealer license plate at a later date. Proper filings were completed. No further police action.

Feb. 10

7:41 a.m. — An officer received a Florida driver’s license and two bank cards that had been located on a property on 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The party on the license was contacted and stated that he had not been in New York, and has been a Florida resident for the past 31 years. Additionally he mentioned that he had been notified by TD Bank that someone had attempted to access his bank account with failure. The party was advised to report the incident to his local police department