2020-2021 school budget passes 1,388 to 691; DeDomenico and Childs reelected


Pelham Memorial High School

The 2020-21 school budget passed in the all mail-in vote which ended on June 16, the results of which were unanimously accepted by the board on Wednesday. The budget proposition received 1,388 yes votes and 691 no votes and the cost reallocation proposition received 1,675 yes votes and 447 no votes.

Alongside higher turnout, the number of opposition voters rose significantly as well. The 2019-2020 budget passed with 1,008 yes votes and 230 no votes.

Incumbent board President Jessica DeDomenico and Vice President Sue Childs ran unopposed in the school board election and have each been reelected for three year terms starting July 1. DeDomenico received 1,762 votes and Childs received 1,685. During the meeting, Childs noted 77 write-in votes were cast in the election.

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ described this year’s election process as a “curveball process given to all of us by our governor,” and profusely thanked all district members who helped to make this election successful.