Local attorneys form Pelham Legal Assistance Network to offer free assist to small businesses

Local attorneys form Pelham Legal Assistance Network to offer free assist to small businesses

The Pelham Chamber of Commerce has set up the new program Pelham Legal Assistance Network (PLAN) with the mission of providing “legal assistance on a pro bono basis to Pelham’s small business community and local non-profits that have been economically impacted by Covid-19,” according to PLAN’s blog.

Matthew Maron, one of the attorneys contributing time to PLAN, said, “The small businesses in Pelham are integral parts of this community. Those of us who have joined PLAN believe that we can each bring our unique skill sets in helping to give these businesses free legal assistance as they navigate through this ‘new normal’ in these unprecedented times.”

The services offered by PLAN include:

  • Identifying legal issues that are affecting the community.
  • Finding solutions through governmental and other opportunities that might benefit the community.
  • Offering guidance throughout the rebuilding process.

The assistance provided by PLAN, said Maron, “may include, but (may) not be limited to, dealings with real estate, contract, insurance and employment matters.” The group also offers “guidance and assistance in working with small businesses to help them secure access to loans through the various government loan programs currently in place and which are geared for small businesses,” he said.

Clayton Bushong, co-president of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce, said, “During the beginning of the shutdown, Matt Maron and Kate Kerrigan reached out to the chamber asking how they could help and could anyone use their expertise. The chamber was super excited to have a group of amazing lawyers that collectively know so much of the ins and outs of real estate law. There are many businesses that are struggling and just finally opening up. They have had no revenue for months but are expected to pay their landlords and other bills. PLAN will be available to Pelham and Pelham Manor businesses to navigate all the ins and outs of the laws in terms of payroll protection and what options they have in terms of rent policies that New York State has enacted.”

“Pretty much any business that has been affected by Covid-19 could benefit in exploring their options with the guidance of PLAN,” said Bushong. “PLAN is another example of how Pelham is such a supportive community to live in.”

Maron said he hopes to see PLAN expand some time in the future, but said “neighboring towns would be best served by attorneys residing in those communities.”