Village of Pelham police blotter: July 18-31

Village of Pelham police blotter: July 18-31

July 19
5:36 p.m. — A complaint was received from a resident on Boulevard and Colonial Ave. stating that there was a group of teenagers gathered in the middle of the street with spray paint in their hands. The complaining party called back stating that the teens had left in an unknown direction. Police canvassed the area with negative results.

July 21
5:57 p.m. — An officer was dispatched to a location on 3rd Ave. following a complaint regarding suspicious circumstances in the area. The complaining party stated that she had witnessed a suspicious party walk out of a nearby residence, wearing a backpack, into a white sports car momentarily and walk back. The same action had been witnessed multiple times and the complaining party believed it was some type of drug-related action. The party was advised to contact the department the next time they witness a similar event.

July 23
10:04 a.m. — Police were sent to a residence on Boulevard on a report of a past larceny from a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle stated that they had parked and locked the vehicle the day prior at around 3 p.m.. Upon returning to their vehicle, the owner found several items taken out of the center console and left on the passenger seat. The complaining party found that $205 and a Chase debit card were missing, as well as approximately $5 in coins. The area was searched for cameras, but none were found. The complaining party states that they desired no further action past documentation of the incident.

July 24
1:05 a.m. — The New Rochelle P.D. notified headquarters of two vehicles (one with an out of state plate) believed to be part of an unlawful imprisonment. They stated that they believed they saw a child passed out in the back of one of the vehicles and warned that either vehicle could be carrying firearms. Patrol units notified. No further police action.

July 26
3:57 p.m. — Units were dispatched to a residence on 5th Ave upon the report of a disturbed neighbor. The complaining party stated that they had received threats such as “I am sharpening my machete,” and “I’m going to fucking kill you.” The receiving party of the comments stated that they were unsure why the threats were made, but that the neighbor disliked when the owner of the residence spoke with the landlord, and had been spat on and photographed by said neighbor. The reporting party stated that they wanted the incident to be documented. Officers were dispatched to the ‘disturbed’ neighbor’s residence to discuss the above reported incidents. The accused party stated that the reporting party wanted to be their friend, however, they are introverted and don’t want to have friends. The accused party also denied spitting at their neighbor, stating that their false teeth fell out while speaking to them.

July 29
8:17 a.m. — An officer reported to a business on Fifth Ave. on report of possible fraudulent checks. The officer spoke to the reporting parties who both stated that they began seeing unusual activity in the company’s bank account beginning as early as July 14. One party stated that they noticed a difference in checking numbers as well as checks with different font size and style than those that were issued. All money in fraudulent checks was reversed and placed back in the company’s account. The complaining parties only wish for documentation of the incident at this time. The detective division was notified.

6:12 p.m. — An officer was dispatched to a location on Washington Ave. on report of teenagers throwing garbage in the church parking lot. Units were able to find the teenagers and the condition was corrected. They were given a verbal warning regarding littering on private property.

7:09 p.m. — An officer was dispatched to a location on Wolf’s Lane on the report of a possible fraudulent event that had occurred in the past. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the complaining parties who stated that they received a call from Amazon I.T. stating that they had been charged $724 out of their Chase Bank Account for a cellphone. Both parties checked their accounts and no money appeared to be missing. The number that called came through as the Amazon Customer Support number. The officer spoke to the complaining parties’ son who stated that Amazon did have their Chase information, and that he removed it. Nothing further.