Veronica Stern works to move on from final 20 in ‘Give My Regards’ national talent search

Veronica Stern (Courtesy Spot-On Academy)

Veronica Stern, a Pelham native and senior at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, is one of 20 contestants selected to continue in the “Give My Regards…”  national talent search. 

“The talent search is actually being run by an alumni of CCM, Scott Coulter, which is how I heard about it,” said Stern. “I had to film myself singing a song of my choice.” 

The search is a project of Spot-On Academy, which selected the 20 top contestants to take part in the contest. There were applicants from 46 states and seven countries, and it brought together talent from vocal, theater and dance disciplines. Six semi-finalists will be rewarded with a performance in a New York City venue, and one grand prize winner will be able to perform as a soloist in a venue on the West Coast.

In an interview, Stern explained how she reached this point and her plans for the future. 

The 20 contestants were paired with a teacher and mentor from the academy to refine their submissions to resubmit so that ten finalists who will move on can be selected.

Stern is working with a coach from CCM to help prepare her video for the next submission. “Right now, we are waiting for our second round videos to be uploaded,” said Stern. “I was given a coach, Chris Blem, who also happens to be a CCM (alumnus). We then worked together on my material, and then I filmed a new video of myself singing a second song.”  

Stern described the next steps in the process after the field is winnowed to ten. Videos will again be uploaded. A panel of celebrity judges will choose five winners, and the public will select a sixth.

“It’s very exciting,” Stern said. 

The celebrity judges come from backgrounds in Broadway and Hollywood, with roles in many recognized works, such as “Hamilton” and “Star Trek.” 

To see Stern’s audition video, click here.