Pelham restaurant mogul Clay Bushong is opening new eatery: Sound Chicken

Clayton Bushong, former president of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.

Clayton Bushong, former president of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.

If you live in Pelham, you’ve undoubtedly heard the name “Clay Bushong” before. Whether you know him as the co-owner of Cantina Lobos or the recent purchaser of Double Rainbow, get ready to add another food establishment to the list, because Bushong is opening a new restaurant: Sound Chicken.

With inspiration from Cane’s, Sticky’s and other chicken establishments, Bushong was motivated to introduce a restaurant solely featuring chicken with his long-time friend, chef John Wallace.

We’ve both been in the music industry, and we both love chicken,” Bushong said. “It was friendship over chicken and music.”

Planning is for Sound Chicken to open by the end of November.

The restaurant will take over the location of the Chipper Truck Cafe at the corner of Lincoln and 5th avenues. It will feature all things chicken, including chicken on the bone, chicken strips, sandwiches, grilled chicken and salads with chicken. Bushong described the setting as a fast-casual delivery-type place.

Including Double Rainbow, this is the second Pelham business Bushong has invested in during the coronavirus pandemic, and in this case, he’s doing it at a corner where shops have found it tough to make a go of it.

“I know a lot of kids go to Chicken Joe’s in New Rochelle,” Bushong said. “I’ve been too, and I like to think that ours is going to be a different vibe and a different standard. We’re going to be specialized and focused on doing one thing really right.”

Bushong said he believes that what will save the establishment from the restaurant turnover in Pelham is a commitment to fast and fresh service.

“We’re really going to take quality control seriously and make sure our chicken is perfect,” Bushong said. He further promised that his chicken will always be fresh and made in-house. 

In addition to this new restaurant, Bushong is venturing into New Rochelle with plans to open a higher-end American bistro, though he described that as more of a long-term project with announcements soon to come. For now, his focus is directed toward Sound Chicken and the excitement of opening day.

I’m super excited, but I’m definitely nervous—I’m apprehensively excited. I really do feel like we have a great product and some great recipes.”