Latimer discusses achievements, battle against Covid in State of the County address


Westchester County Executive George Latimer gave a State of the County address Thursday in the People’s House to discuss the efforts of this year and how Westchester County continues to work through the hardships of Covid-19.

Latimer focused on many of the accomplishments that his government had achieved prior to the outbreak, including the food waste recycling program, prison reform and a county-wide shared services program to save taxpayers money.

Throughout his term and specifically the year 2020, Latimer said he has prioritized both social and economic issues, making sure that, in terms of diversity, each group is represented in the government and community while also relieving economic burdens caused by property taxes, which included a $1 million cut to the county property tax levy.

“Friends, we were doing all of this and more, and then March 3rd happened,” Latimer said.

Latimer described how Westchester County has handled the pandemic, specifically highlighting efforts to assist in mask and hand sanitizer distribution and prioritize parks. He also describes a current monument in Yonkers known as the Ribbons of Remembrance, which the public can partake in to memorialize the residents of this county lost to Covid-19.

Speaking about the election, Latimer said there had been an increase in polling inspectors and a drive to promote early voting.

“I want people to vote, I want them to be engaged… and we want to help,” he said.

He concluded with plans the county is pushing forward at this this time. Ground was officially broken on the Memorial Field reconstruction project in Mount Vernon, and media production has been allowed back into the county. Latimer said the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency has continued to stimulate economic development and the 2020 budget has been closed with no layoffs, furloughs or service cuts.

“Plans we had were sidetracked, ships had gone astray, but we found our way back, because that is what we always do,” he said. “These challenges will be met.”

You can watch the entirety of the State of the County address here.