Answer to strain of 2020: Decorate earlier for holidays, spread hope and cheer to others


This year needs a little more cheer.

With the dropping of temperatures and the wrapping up of the first academic quarter, one thing is clear: The holidays are right around the corner. There is no doubt that this year is no ordinary year, and with the heavy impact endured from the coronavirus and the heated political environment, we are more than deserving of some holiday cheer. Some may argue that November is far too early to begin holiday festivities; however, I believe that an early start to the joyous season is exactly what we need. 

Covid-19 cases are rising, and as a student at Pelham Memorial High School, I am left in suspense as to when the district may need to go fully virtual. 2020 has, without question, been a whirlwind of change, and while everything may seem out of control, there is one thing we can hold onto. The holiday season! The holidays represent hope, a feeling that has been extremely tested this year. But why wait any longer to be hopeful? The time to express optimism is now. Start pulling out your holiday lights and decorations, and deck the halls!

It is recognizable that similar to the rest of the year, the holidays also won’t be the same. Gathering with family and friends is a limitation that we will face, but not a limitation we should let hinder our spirits. The love shared during the holiday season is one of the best feelings of this time of year, and we need it in double dose this season. Not only does this include spending even more quality time than you already have with your family these past eight months, but it especially entails giving back. Through participating in food drives, toy drives and many other acts of kindness, we can truly warm the hearts of numerous families who have been impacted more than usual this year. Although it is always a holiday theme, the act of giving rather than receiving is even more meaningful in today’s world. Even the simple sharing of a smize (smiling with eyes) can add warmth to anyone’s soul. 

Of course, the rolling around of the holidays foresees the beginning of a new year, and obviously, everyone is looking forward to a fresh start, desiring a more optimistic future. The mindset of hope and unity in the new year can be expressed right now. Light up your house and help spread the infectious joy of the holiday season. This holiday season will need to be a shared effort to unite our community in merriment and positivity. The holidays are the best time of the year, so why wait to share holiday hope and cheer?

Malia McLellan is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. The Pelham Examiner welcomes commentaries from readers on issues of local concern or interest.