PMHS Breast Cancer Awareness Club raises $3,000 in current effort, plans others


The Breast Cancer Awareness Club at Pelham Memorial High School has raised more than $3,000 in its current fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, which will use the money for breast cancer research along with monetarily supporting those with breast cancer.

The ongoing drive promotes the “Real Kids Wear Pink” campaign, which is an annual competition between schools and organizations across the northeast to raise the most money for the American Cancer Society. Club Co-President Cristina Stefanizzi said the group with the largest donation total will get a tour of a breast cancer research lab, though this was not the club’s main goal.

The fundraiser has been met with strong enthusiasm in Pelham. The Village of Pelham fire and police departments have both made donations, alongside many supportive parents.

“It was a bigger turnout than we expected, to say the least,” said Co-President Maddy Finster.

This fundraiser isn’t the first time that Finster and Stefanizzi have achieved success raising awareness about breast cancer. The pair brought in $3,000 through their “Pelham Goes Pink” campaign, which was an eighth grade English project. Now, the PMHS club discusses upcoming events and work on current fundraisers.

Stefanizzi said the club is very communicative, noting that there are always fun conversations and that the club has an exciting dynamic, despite the gravity of its focus. In the future, the group plans a fundraiser with a different approach. Club members had the idea to organize a kickball tournament to raise money and encourage participation. 

“It’s a very fun club,” Finster said. “People should join!”

The club will continue to focus on the current drive, which will remain open to donations until Dec. 31. Donations can be made here.