Covid-19 brings global bike shortage to Pelham


If you have taken a stroll down Wolf’s Lane, you may have seen the “Global Bike Shortage” sign posted in the window of local bicycle shop, Danny’s Cycles. As the sign suggests, if you’re like many and have been trying to find a new bike, you may continue to be out of luck for some time.

Steve Kahn from Danny’s Cycles said, “Some popular models will not be available until 2022.”

Think back to March, when most were all staring out their windows wishing the coronavirus would magically disappear. Many people did the only thing they could and tried to plan for a somewhat socially-distant summer. Biking was an easy solution. It could be done with friends, (while following proper guidelines) and provided much-needed exercise and fresh air for people of all ages.

Soon bikes were flying off the racks, and companies were struggling to manufacture them fast enough. Although the shortage seems like just another negative thing to add to the list from 2020, it has great for small businesses like Danny’s.

“We have increased the number of bikes sold by around 30% compared to 2019,” said Kahn.

As new bikes have become more difficult to purchase, many have opted to repair old bikes that were previously sitting in garages unused. “We have seen a lot of bikes come in that are 30 or more years old,” Kahn said. “It feels good to keep these bikes running and in service.”

For Kahn, people rediscovering biking has been one positive in this challenging time. “We’re happy to see so many people taking to the sport of cycling. It is not only good for their health, but also good for the environment. Hopefully, this trend continues and more people continue to ride.”