Manor Democratic platform proposes standing committees on environment, engagement and plan to revisit police reform

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The Democratic Party platform in the Pelham Manor election promises the candidates will name three standing committees on environmental sustainability, community engagement and fiscal responsibility “to develop priorities, collaborate on solutions and tap community expertise.” The platform also says the candidates will revisit the police reform process, if elected.

“Public engagement and discourse are central to the success of local government and the vibrancy of our village,” says the platform. “We must protect and nurture important community and societal values.”

Democrat Ramsey McGrory is running for mayor and Andrea Ziegelman and Lance Koonce for two village board seats. They are challenging GOP Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey and trustees A. Michelle DeLillo and Joseph Senerchia. Voting is March 16. A story on the Republican platform is here.

In the plank covering ethics and inclusion, the platform says the candidates will insure that “all members of our community are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, age, gender, orientation, disability, language, religion or socioeconomic background” and goes on to describe how “one voice does not represent our community.”

The platform also addresses the state-mandated police reform process, promising to “revisit police reform to ensure we are meeting the highest standards in non discriminatory policing.” 

We will communicate clearly and regularly about issues that are important to the community or before the board and standing committees,” the platform says in the transparency plank. The candidates commit to implementing “enhanced communications tech including mobile app, revamped website with dynamic content, and interactive board meetings with question queues.”

In the environment plank, the platform promises development of “environmental initiatives, such as dedicated bike lanes, solar-panel discounts, electrical vehicle charging and sustainable-care for our properties and parks,” while evaluating “green infrastructure solutions for stormwater management to reduce flooding and mitigate effects of larger storms.”

The candidates say they “embrace the notion that environmental initiatives can be both fiscally prudent and environmentally friendly.”